About the Book

Nicole Boyer is a young French woman whose lover was murdered by the Germans in 1944. She vows revenge and joins the French Resistance to fulfill her promise.

The handsome leader of her resistance unit, “Falcon,” who was parachuted into her area, is also bent on revenge. Nicole falls in love with him but he seems single minded in his pursuit to carry out his orders from the Allies in support of the “D” Day invasion.

On one of the raids against the Germans, they capture two German soldiers and hide them. All the Resistance fighters, including Nicole, want to shoot them immediately, but Falcon won’t allow it. He insists on holding them as prisoners of war until the Americans reach them from the invasion. He says two days.

The four years of German occupation of France is filled with cruelty, treachery, intrigue and brutality but also compassion by Germans against the French and of French against the Germans. Even of the French people against their fellow Frenchmen. Each group trying to position themselves for control after Liberation. This period of history is full of tragic stories.








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