Diet Wars 3

5 January 2012

Dieting while on a vacation in France. What a concept. But our two bicycling tour guides were very helpful and aggressive in making sure that the food on my plate was included in the diet. And it was a surprise that the chefs felt challenged to produce an artistic plate. It seemed to me that all the other bike riders in our group were a little jealous when they saw what a beautiful plate came from the kitchen. And tasty. (more…)

Diet Wars 2

2 January 2012

A diet of only plant food? Even if motivated, would anyone go on such a restricted diet? Bill Clinton has.

This diet to prevent heart disease and many other diseases is described in Dr. Esselstyn’s book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. His wife has included many recipes in the book.

I have found that there are dozens of delicious recipes made from the plant food list. It takes some effort to find all the ingredients and a real dedication to follow this diet. (more…)

Book Sales

28 December 2011

Sales of my new novel, Amour et Vengeance (Love and Revenge), have been outstanding, at least in Tarrant County. Until I can get national publicity, it won’t be on the Best Seller list.

Diet Wars

28 December 2011


Distinguished doctors and scientists have worked for over twenty years to prove that what a person eats can kill him.
They have shown that the secret to avoiding deadly disease is not a single pill or pills, or eating a single item in a diet. Most other studies are done to show that a pill or a specific food will help prevent a particular disease, but these studies are flawed for two reasons. They don’t take all of the factors into account in what a person puts in his mouth. And, even more insidious, all animal based food industries and our government are committed to sell these products. The secret is to avoid ALL animal based products.
Two of the books that show these studies are: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and The China Study.

I am recommending that you read these two books, not because I am an animal lover or a vegan fanatic, but because it may save your life. At least help you avoid a long and painful existence before your death.

The cigarette industry went through years of fighting to show that cigarettes were not harmful. We now know that tobacco can cause cancer. But profits from nicotine sales funded a fight against a deadly product.

I am certain that 100 years (maybe more) from now, animal food and refined food products will be viewed in the same light as tobacco is today.

In Fort Worth it will be an uphill battle. We will no longer be called “Cow Town.” Maybe “Tofu Town?” Our annual “Fat Stock Show” is now just “The Stock Show” and in the future will be something like “The Sprouts Show.”

Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease

28 December 2011

Why hasn’t the news media printed in huge headlines: “Heart Disease Cured” ?
Dr. C. B. Esselstyn has proven in over twenty years of treating “terminally ill” heart patients that the disease can be prevented and reversed. Read his book “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” to see how he did it.

Engineer’s Guide to Shopping

3 October 2011


Some people go shopping as a form of entertainment or amusement. Haven’t they got something better to do?
When I go shopping I always have in my mind exactly what I want to buy. It is something I need. I in my mind there is the exact product I am looking for. When I see it, I grab it and go.
I am also what some people call cheap. But I like to phrase that as being a ‘minimalist.’ (more…)

Engineer’s Guide to Pain

2 September 2011

Pain? My wife says I am insensitive. I guess I am not as sensitive as most people. An indication of this is that I am continually doing inadvertent damage to myself: cutting fingers, or bumping into things. But I do heal fast. (more…)

Engineer’s Guide to Prayer

30 August 2011

Part I
The day after Barak Obama moved into the White House, he stood with his hands behind his back looking out on the lawn from the Oval Office.
He turned and punched the intercom, “Please hold all calls. I will be in conference.”
He walked around to the front of his mahogany desk and dropped to his knees. With his hands folded he dropped his head. “God, I need your help again.” (more…)

Driving While Distracted

28 July 2011

Texting while driving is another of the long list of driver distractions that are dangerous. Why have a law against texting without covering all the other distracting activities? We should consider a law against Driving While Distracted: DWD. We drivers are all guilty on occasion. (more…)

Engineer’s Guide to Religion

23 July 2011

A few years ago I was searching for a firm footing for my religious beliefs.
My 1953 Chevrolet pickup had died on me half way between Big Spring and Abilene, so I was standing in the hot sun beside the road with my thumb out. (more…)

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